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2013 Great Taste Awards

Award Winning Quality

Great Taste Award Winner

The saying goes that quality is more important than quantity, but for Terra Rossa both are high on the agenda as this family-run Arabian food speciality company, now in its 8th year, has just added a further six Guild of Fine Food 2013 Great Taste Awards to its already extensive collection.

This year Terra Rossa's Chilli infused extra virgin olive oil was recognised for its intense, fiery flavour with a Great Taste Two Star Award and is perfect drizzled on pizza, adds a punch to any dip or marinade, or simply dunk and eat with freshly baked crusty bread.

Equally versatile is Terra Rossa's Basil infused extra virgin olive oil, which received its 4th consecutive Great Taste Award, and was acknowledged for its delicious, fresh herby flavour. Basil oil will not only add a zing to any sauce, new potatoes, meat or vegetable dish, but turns a plain salad into something delectable to the taste buds.

Terra Rossa is also renowned for its authentic Middle Eastern herbs and sauces and both its Herby Zaatar, which is a blend of fragrant thyme, zesty sumac and the nutty texture of Sesame seeds and its Sumac which is made from a red berry with a lemony flavour, scooped Great Taste Awards.

Made from abundant ripe Middle Eastern olives and rich passata, Terra Rossa's Olive and Tomato relish is deserving of its Great Taste One Star Award with its outstanding recipe created with tomatoes, garlic, shallots and infused with Zaatar. The rich juicy ingredients with natural sweetness from tomatoes and a hint of pomegranate and date molasses give this sauce a unique, mouth-watering taste which complements pasta, couscous, fish, chicken and numerous European dishes too.

Finally - another Great Taste One Star Award went to a favourite family recipe of Terra Rossa's, Baba's Rashi and Dibis - a gorgeous sweet spread made from Tahini Sesame paste, date molasses and spices. Terra Rossa's Baba's Rashi and Dibis is eaten in the same way that as chocolate spread and is therefore ideal for porridge, pancakes, ice cream and devoured with pistachios.


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