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About The Manufacturer

On Jordan's precious fertile red soil, on a distance of 20 Km south of Amman, JomoFOOD® has erected an olive oil complex which includes an olive oil museum and the industrial section, on an area of 7000 m2, connecting technology, culture, and heritage in a unique architectural design. The industrial section is equipped with an avant-garde olive mill, filling and bottling lines to ensure production of high quality olive oil. Being committed in safeguarding this heritage, JomoFOOD® has created a museum depicting different methods used in olive oil extraction through out history. Within the museum is a restaurant that brings different olive oil traditions and cuisines from around the Middle East and Mediterranean region.

Jordan Modern Investment Group (JomoGROUP®) vision is to provide a luxurious quality of products and services that caters for the new emerging standards of modern lifestyle, with a keen emphasis to develop Jordan’s natural resources. Arousing from such vision, Jordan Modern Food Industrial Company (JomoFOOD®) was formed to invest into Jordan’s olive oil sector. Registered under Jordanian law, No. 7253 with a total investment cost of over 2.1 Million USD, JomoFOOD® vision is to carry this traditionally blessed fruit's oil to the Global Market.

JomoFOOD® extracts Terra Rossa®, an extra virgin olive oil from old home grown olive groves that have been grown in harmony with nature, crafted with the experience of a 6000 year old tradition. Terra Rossa® olive trees are planted in one of the holiest parts of the world, a land walked by all the prophets and irrigated by the River Jordan, a location that has been ideal for olive cultivation throughout time.