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What our Customers say

Delia from London

"Absolutely fell in love with your lemon oil. A MUST HAVE!"
Lynne from Bath

"I loved the Zait & Zaatar oils."
Carrie from Bradford upon Avon

"Delicious & peppery!"
Andrew from London

"Great products. Can't wait to give my Christmas gift."
Helen from Surrey

"Very tasty!"
Jessica from Canterbury

"First time I have tried this oil it is fantastic. Please tell me where I can buy it. In what shops."
Catherine from London

"Delicious adore the Sinolea - fabulous way of eating and dipping! Good experience"
Charlotte from Berkshire

"The zaatar is a delicious change from other dips."
Anne from London

"Just bought the Sinolea oil at the Taste of Bath show and think it is the most flavoursome and beautiful olive oil I have ever tasted."
Ulrika from Somerset

Gloria from Worcestershire

"Thought the idea was novel, inspiring, had aromatic, rich flavours."
Laura from Surrey

"Tastes scrummy!"
Alex from Leeds