Cooking with Olive Oil

Contrary to the myth that animal fats and hydrogenated oils are more resistant to heat, recent studies have shown that olive oil is the most suitable oil for frying because it remains stable due to its anti-oxidation agents, even at high temperatures.

Research has been conducted by experts and has shown that olive oil can stand temperatures over 200 Celsius sometimes even reaching up to 230 - 250 Celsius.

With the absence of anti-oxidative agents, animal fats oxides quickly, with all the harmful affects to the health of those who consume them.

Of course by olive oil, it is meant extra virgin olive oil, which is more stable due to its anti-oxidative agents, but even refined olive oil has been proved to resist heat and remain stable to a certain degree.

During frying, cooking fat replaces part of the water naturally in the food. What makes fried food taste good is that the exchange actually enhances its flavour. Sixty percent of the food's moisture content must evaporate before the olive oil begins to penetrate; other fats insinuate themselves more quickly. Therefore, frying in olive oil renders food less greasy, more crunchy, with lower fat content, and fewer calories than food fried in other fats.

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