Origins of Olive Oil

A taste older than meat or wine, a taste as old as water, olive oil has its deep roots in history. Only the sea itself seems as ancient in the Holy Land region as the olive and its oil, no other product of nature has shaped civilization from the remotest antiquity to the present. The Olive tree, known as the oldest tree in the world, has been a symbol of peace, purification, fertility, wisdom, victory, and strength for thousands of years. Ancient Syrians were the first civilization to cultivate the olive tree, and was first brought to Spain by the Phoenicians "wherever the Phoenicians went olive trees followed".

"Terra Rossa", a characteristic of the region, is a band of fertile red soil overlaying a bed of limestone. It is red in colour due to the presence of the reddish coloured iron. This unusual combination provides perfect natural drainage, ideal for root nourishment, thus creating one of the best olives in the world. Within this particular ecosystem determined by just the right wind, the groves are therefore unthreatened by parasites. This makes it possible to grow the olives organically and to avoid chemical treatment that would affect the purity of the oil.

Successors to Phoenicians, JomoFOOD extracts Terra Rossa, an extra virgin olive oil from old home grown olive groves that have been grown in harmony with nature, crafted with the experience of a 6000 year old tradition. Terra Rossa® olive trees are planted in one of the holiest parts of the world, a land walked by all the prophets and irrigated by the River Jordan, a location that has been ideal for olive cultivation throughout time.

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