Terra Rossa Method of Olive Oil Extraction

Terra Rossa uses two methods to extract its olive oil, Sinolea and centrifugal.

Within 10 hours of hand harvesting, the olives are crushed with traditional granite stone.

The Stone Crusher

The Sinolea Method

The olive paste is then penetrated by thousands of stainless steel blades slowly and continuously. Each time the blades emerge from the paste they bring with them a small quantity of very pure golden yellow oil with an olive green reflection, which drips off and is collected. The result of this expensive process is an oil of great delicacy.

The Centrifugal Method

The Sinolea method only extracts about 50% of the oil in the paste. The paste is then placed in a centrifugal machine and spun at high speed to allow the oil to seperate from the water. This produces the first cold-pressed olive oil which is then decantered and placed in large cooling vats.

All our processes operate at low temperature, for it retains not only the sensitive aromatic properties, but also the antioxidants and nutrients which are often diminished by elevated temperature.

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