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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Jordan - Terra Rossa
Terra Rossas Freekeh 200g

The new must-have ingredient is the ancient early-harvest green grain called Freekeh that has been eaten by Middle Eastern people for millennia.
The wheat is harvested young when it is still green and moist before sun-drying and then roasting.† The name comes from the Arabic word ĎAl-farkí from rubbing the wheat heads in order to separate the Freekeh from the chaff.
It has a nutty and slightly squeaky texture, is high in fibre, minerals and vitamins and has a wonderful earthy flavour.† It is also low in fat, has low GI and is low in carbs so itís good for diabetics.
It is extremely nutritious and is incredibly versatile grain to cook with. Use it in the same way you would burgul, couscous or rice and itís wonderful in stews and soups. A favourite recipe is to cook Freekeh with the new Baharat spice mix and the Garlic infused olive oil and serve it with Dukka Harissa, Fattoush salad dressed with Lemon infused olive oil and Sumac or with Tzatziki Yoghurt and cucumber dip.
Freekeh comes in cracked and wholegrain and the only difference between the two is that it it takes around 20 minutes to cook the cracked variety and 40 minutes to cook the wholegrain.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Jordan - Terra Rossa
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